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Love is all around

October 14, 2010
Tricycle Daily Dharma

Recognizing Love

[The] capacity for love is within each of us and has been active all around us,
pervading our world from the moment we were born.

The claim that love pervades this world may not sound real to you but that
doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Most of us just haven’t learned to pay much
attention to the countless moments of love, kindness, and care that surround us
each day: a child at the store reaching for her mother’s hand, an elderly
stranger at the park who smiles upon a young family, a grocery clerk who beams
at you as she hands you your change.

- John Makransky, "Love is All Around"

Greener Pastures - No Doubt (Live)

Would you say they find me unstable
'Cause they see me act a little bit different
But I know my way to greener pastures and
Think about it, won't you think it over

I guess I'll get over it ...

(I love, old obscure songs. I like them more than polished, expensive, over produced, "hits". There is something more emotional about them. Raw and pure. Music is God.

Seriously, how fucking cool is this????? Some artists are just so amazing, its insane!!!!

Writer's Block: So Long, Farewell

It's the last day in office for George Bush. There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Bush's legacy. What do you think he will be most remembered for?

He will be remembered for being a turd. Like one of those large steaming piles of elephant poop that you see at the zoo.

Christian The Lion - Reunited - From

OMG This is seriously the sweetest, coolest thing I've ever seen!!!!

To be on or not to be on

Okay, so here's my situation. 27, was diagnosed at the age of 21 but pretty sure I was bipolar way before that. Still my moods didn't begin to cycle with an amazing quickness til I was about 22. I was already in the hospital for a depressive episode and then *BOOM* rapid cycling. So fast I felt like a human yoyo. Anyway, I got on meds and stayed on them for the most part ever since. Its been going okay I guess but I could be doing better and so now I'm wondering.... any one here NOT on meds? What kind of cycling do you have? How extreme is it? How do you deal? And do you feel like you're more productive on or off of meds?
Thx in advance.

Writer's Block: Super Bowl 2008

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Who did you watch it with?
Of course!!! I'm a NYer and I watched it with Steve and then called my father soooooooo excitedly when they won and the first thing we screamed at each other was "THEY KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!" SUCH a great moment.