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Stardust in Prison

9 March 1980
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stardustnprison was formerly known as ozzysarchangel

Me: Your typical atypical writer/artist/dreamer/slacker/indecisive/somewhat opinionated/unmotivated/rock-loving/buddhist-wannabe (cause they seem so chill)/philosophizing/Ozzy obsessed/creative/bipolar/moody/euphoria-junkie/liberal/female starving to find some kind of meaning to it all.

Love to journal, love open-minded people, (boring, narcissistic, judgemental, racist, sexist, & homophobic fucks need not friend me), love it when people are real (whatever that may be.)

WARNING This journal is raw, blunt, indiscreet, and I probably definately curse too much. If you are either: pensive, have a good sense of humor, creative, incredibly honest, a little bit different, a little bit off beat,or any combination of these, we'll probably have great times. I've had many of the same friends for years but I love to make new ones. This journal is "Friends Only" but its not an exclusive club. Comment if ya wanna. Doors open.
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